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 Girls Program Details



The PENTUCKET YOUTH BASKETBALL (“PYB”) program is for girls in grades 5 through 8 that reside in and/or attend Pentucket School District towns. PENTUCKET YOUTH BASKETBALL is committed to maximizing the number of teams at each age level, subject to certain obvious constraints, including the number of available players at each age level, the availability of practice facilities, access to qualified coaches and the overall skill level of the players seeking to be placed on a team.  All teams play in the River Valley League (, which includes multiple divisions at each grade level.  

ELIGIBILITY: In order to participate in Pentucket Youth Basketball, a player must reside in or attend schools in the towns of Groveland, Merrimac or West Newbury. 



               5th and 6th grade                5:30-6:30 (High School)      

               7th and 8th grade                6:45-7:45 (High School) 

PLACEMENT EVALUATIONS:  Evaluations and placements for each grade level will be held as follows: 


5th grade3 sessions6:00 to 7:00 PM on October 15th (Bagnall), October 22nd (Bagnall) and October 29th (Middle School)

6th grade3 sessions – 7:15 to 8:15 PM on October 15th (Bagnall), October 22nd (Bagnall) and October 29th (Middle School)

7th grade3 sessions – 5:30 to 6:45 PM on October 15th (Page), October 22nd (Page) and October 29th  

8th grade1 Session – 7:00 to 8:00PM on October 29th at Page School


All prospective 5th & 6th grade players are required to attend at least 1 placement session, but are strongly encouraged to attend all 3 sessions for their respective grade. This allows each player to be properly and fully assessed over multiple sessions with a wide range of skill drills and game situations. Prospective players for 8th grade teams should plan to attend the placement session on October 29th.  We will use fully independent evaluators that do not have a child in the grade they evaluate.  All evaluators have been involved in youth basketball for many years with playing, coaching and/or officiating experience at multiple levels.  Parents will be notified accordingly in early November.  


In cases where a player cannot try out because of a documented injury, but is expected back in time for the season, PYB will use its sole discretion in placing the player on a team and may use any information it deems suitable including prior year placement information or other information from coaches, etc. However, a non-injured player who fully participated in placements will have priority over a player who was unable to participate in placements in those rare cases when the players are deemed “equal” in the placement process.


Parents are welcome to stay and watch, however we request NO CHEERING, CLAPPING OR COACHING from the sidelines. This is not a game or a competitive event, but rather an evaluation of players to form teams for the upcoming basketball season.


PYB forms teams beginning with the 5th grade that are organized by grade level.  PYB will endeavor to form as many teams as participation numbers permit.  As special circumstances warrant, player(s) may be moved up 1 grade level – primarily as a means to balance rosters.  River Valley rules prohibit any player from being moved down.  


TWINS/SIBLING PLACEMENT: Twins/siblings in the same grade will be evaluated and placed independently. Prior to the evaluations, parents may request twins/siblings be placed on the same team.  As applicable, both players will be placed on the lower of the teams the players were evaluated for.

REGISTRATION:  Please visit to register (or update registry) for each daughter that will be participating for the season.  


PRACTICE & GAMES:  Teams will practice once to twice a week beginning in mid-to-late November. Practices may be held on any night of the week, but are generally run Tuesday – Thursday.  For the 5th grade level, the intent is for all participants to practice together each session throughout the season, as this allows skill development and player awareness with game situations to be maximized.  For 5th and 6th grades, if participation in either/both of these grade levels allow for 2 teams to be formed, separate teams for the purpose of game play will be announced prior to the beginning of the River Valley season.  At PYB’s discretion, this may lead to the creation of 2 teams of roughly equal skill with both teams placed into the same River Valley division.  If the 2 teams are comprised of disparate skill players, they will be placed into the appropriate RV division accordingly.   


River Valley games begin the first weekend of December and are generally held Saturdays and Sundays.  The season concludes the first weekend in March with the River Valley playoffs (all teams are included).  The league consists of a 12-16 game schedule and teams may play additional "non-league games", which will obviously vary on a team-by-team and grade-by-grade basis.


PLAYING TIME: Exact playing time for any individual player will inevitably vary from shift to shift, half to half and game to game.  Playing time should be looked at in total over a season versus any single game.  PYB encourages coaches to provide as much balanced playing time as possible throughout the season, while remaining competitive with teams in their respective division.  It is very important that parents and players alike are ready to accept variability in playing time, particularly if a player misses practices or games (other than for illness or injury).


PLAYER FEES: The fee for PYB team participation can be expected to run approximately $225/child for returning players and approximately $290/child for new players (inclusive of uniform cost).  All-in cost will vary on a team-by-team basis as some coaches may elect to participate in non-league tournament(s), which adds to each player fee.  No payment will be due at registration; details regarding fee and payment instructions will be sent once teams are formed.  Please note that no discount for twins or having multiple players in the program is available.   


UNIFORMS: All new PYB players or players who need a new uniform will be fitted during placement sessions.  The cost of a uniform is $65 for a reversible shirt and shorts.  As noted above, this cost will be included in the 5th grade team fee.  All other players purchasing a new uniform will need to pay for the uniform separately from the PYB fee.

PYB COACH SELECTION: Anyone interested in becoming a PYB coach should send an e-mail to PYB expressing their interest in coaching and include any information that should be considered when evaluating coaching candidates.  After the teams have been created by the evaluation process, PENTUCKET YOUTH BASKETBALL will identify and select the coach or coaches from a list of candidates.  Coach selections are based on the candidate's expertise and experience in basketball, coaching, and other youth related leadership activities, as well as overall credentials, approach, and if applicable, prior year parent feedback. We recognize that having consistency in coaches year to year is valuable, and it can also be very positive for the children to experience different coaches as part of their PENTUCKET YOUTH BASKETBALL careers and development. All coaches will be required to complete a CORI check prior to participating in PENTUCKET YOUTH BASKETBALL.


QUESTIONS/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  For additional questions or information, please email: